About Us


I am thrilled that everyone that uses my cloth diapers & clothing line knows they are getting an authentic custom made BB Creations product.

-Melissa Boisvert
BB Creations Owner

Meet Melissa, founder of Boogie Bear Creations, LLC.

I am a mother of five children, Carter, Holden, Sebastian, Annabelle, and Cooper.  I began sewing cloth diapers in 2011 and officially became a small home business in 2014. My promise to you is to always strive to create an eco-friendly, affordable, quality made cloth diaper and clothing for your little one.


How Melissa got started…

My children always have struggled with sensitivities to certain products but it wasn’t until our 3rd son was born we experienced a severe allergy to mainstream diapers and wipes. The struggle of rashes and blisters turned us to world of cloth diapering. The first couple weeks of Sebastian’s life were spent researching and experimenting with many different types of cloth diapers, trying to find a diaper that fit and fulfilled our needs. I purchased several brands, including WAHM made diapers and I couldn’t find that perfect fit or absorbency that I desired. I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night to wet sheets or pants while nursing him on my lap. I found myself avoiding long car rides just so that his carseat wouldn’t get wet. I was feeling frustrated and this is when I began brainstorming ways to create a cloth diapering system that worked best for me. 

A dream became a reality…

I decided that as a busy mom to three, I needed to find a better way to cloth diaper my little one using sustainable and organic products that would keep him happy and dry, as well as myself. I spent countless hours researching and testing different products to use to construct the very best fit and absorbency. At the time, I didn’t own a sewing machine and had no idea how to sew. I just remember taking a sewing class in Home EC class when I was in 8th grade – yes, I am that old, a child of the 80-90’s.  In 2011, I decided I would purchase a sewing machine and sew my own cloth diapers.  I cut up old flannel sheets and spent thousands of hours at that machine. Once I perfected my sewing technique I put my research and development to practice, developing my hand sketched cloth diaper design. I put my design in a rigorous testing phase. Hundreds of prototypes, designs, and materials were used in creating the very best pattern. There were many tears shed and many days I thought, “can I really do this?” My faith pushed me forward, I never gave up. I am pleased after many trials and tribulations I have been able to create a quality cloth diaper with it’s own unique double row snap design that will not disappoint.

What’s happening now…

Today, my self-taught handmade business, has cloth diapered thousands of babies. BB Creations is known for it’s ultimate performance, fit, and style, with customers world-wide raving about their BBC diapers! The magic happens from my home studio in Vermont where I create all BB Creations products. I am happy to announce I have been able to expand my line to include clothing for the little ones you love.